• International Jobs Expert Speaks At Governor’s Watertown Workforce Summit

    Edward E. Gordon

    The second in a series of Workforce summits is underway in Watertown today at the Lake Area Technical Institute.  More than  200 participants are attending the meeting.  Among the presenters is an international employment and skills  expert.  Edward E. Gordon says it’s crucial Americans understand the nation is going through the fifth industrial revolution and that times have changed.  He says no longer is it important that a minority has a great education, but that everyone needs a great education plus a post-secondary experience.  Gordon says the nation is falling off the talent cliff with more than 7 million vacant jobs across the United States.  He says the unemployment rate is falling because people are leaving the workforce.  He says in 2007 there were 87 million Americans who quit looking for work.  Today there are 93.6 million Americans and they’re not retirees.  Gordon says parents need to become better educated at where all of these new jobs and careers are.  That won’t happen unless the local business community sets up a real partnership to reach parents, young and older children with the information they need to understand what kind of education will be needed to determine what the child’s passion and aptitude is.   If America wants to keep high wage jobs, Gordon says, there must be a  strong educated citizenry that currently doesn’t exist.  That’s not a political statement or fantasy, but a reality all over the world says the author of the book Future Jobs Solving the Employment and Skills Crisis.

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