Four Season's Small Engine

It was just about two weeks ago that a Watertown business was destroyed by fire. Derek Barton, the owner of Four Seasons Small Engine Repair, said he learned that his business was on fire after getting an early morning phone call…..

Barton said it was the next day that the reality of what had happened really began to sink in….

Jen Pendley from the Watertown Area Chamber of Commerce said they decided to get involved to see if they could help….

Pendley said that within an hour she had received over 15 emails from business owners offering everything from chairs to shop space. Barton said he also began receiving phone calls…. 

Barton said that he has just signed a lease for the former Kranz building, next to the outdoor pool, on Highway 212.  He said the community support has been great....

Barton expects to be open for business again soon, however no official date has yet been determined.