Watertown Street Department

The City of Watertown has received enough snow/ice to require plowing and sanding.  Starting at 3 AM, on Monday, December 2nd, 2019 the Watertown Street Department will be plowing the Downtown Business District and continue onto city Streets at 6 AM.

They will be using snow gates in the area bound between Highway 212 to 14th Ave. N. and from 21st St. W. to 19th St. E.

The Watertown Police Department is reminding vehicle owners that if their vehicles are plowed around, they are subject to ticketing.  

Downtown Business Owners are asked to please clean off your sidewalks before 3 AM. 

The National Weather Services reports that Watertown received 3.5 inches of snowfall. 

To receive text or e-mail alerts regarding snow removal, please go to http://www.watertownsd.us/index.aspx, click on Notify Me, sign in, proceed to News Flash, and select Snow Removal and Ice Management. If you have any questions, please contact the Street Department at 882-6207.