Codington County

As the new year begins the Codington County Commissioners are hearing program reports from the various agencies that support the county.  At this week’s meeting presenters included Cindy Dannenbring who is the Executive Director of the interlakes Community Action Agency and Todd Kays who is the Executive Director of the First District Association of Local Governments.  Both groups help the county in multiple different ways.  Interlakes Community Action provides individual help to seniors and other groups and individuals in need of personal assistance: 

Kays says the First District is charged with helping local government navigate the world of grants, public infrastructure, and business development, in addition to many other things that range from zoning development to mapping services:

All of the commissioners, including Troy VanDusen paid compliments to the First District for the services they have been providing: 

The commissioners will meet again next Tuesday, January 21st at 9am.