Mayor Sarah Caron

Earlier this week the Watertown Municipal Utilities Board of Directors voted to give the City of Watertown $100,000 despite an August request from Mayor Sarah Caron for an amount just over $764,000.  That request came after the city determined it was going to have a significant budget shortfall in its 2020 budget.

KXLG NEWS spoke to Mayor Caron who says she’s disappointed that the amount wasn’t larger but remains optimistic that utilities may give more money when their budget gets finalized toward the end of the year. The Utilities Board said that large projects are currently underway and are being planned and without having their budget finalized they were not able to give the amount that was requested.

Caron says that she understands the board decision.

Caron explained why the municipal utilities budget is controlled by a separate board unlike other departments in the city.  

Caron says that even though the amount given by Utilities was lower than requested the city will continue with it’s services as usual but will need to figure out how to come up with additional funds for its 2020 general fund.