Northeast Technical High School

Because of the declining number of students taking advantage of the programs, the Hamlin School District informed the Northeast Technical High School Board at their December meeting they will be withdrawing from the school effective July First 2021.  Watertown School Superintendent Dr. Jeff Danielsen explains:

Burt Falak, the Principal at Northeast Technical High School says that while it is true that Hamlin's utilization of the Career and Technical Education courses are down somewhat this school year, overall demand for these courses is at an eight-year high. 

Falak says that according to the NTHS 2019-20 Enrollment Report published and discussed at a recent board meeting, utilization for all eight member schools stood at 90%, which is an eight year high.  Furthermore, that report also noted only 62 unused slots, one of the best marks in the 40 plus history of the school.   

Falak says, "NTHS is of course disappointed that any member school might withdraw, but we also understand that since Hamlin is growing and is currently building additional CTE Classroom space and must do what is best for their district. At the same time, we will continue to work with Hamlin and all member schools to work through this process." Falak said.

No action was needed by the Watertown School Board at Monday night’s meeting.