clark county sheriff

Watertown, SD --  The Clark County Sheriff has released the name of the man killed in a boating accident  last Thursday morning in Clark County.  The accident happened about 10 a.m. during a storm that produced heavy rain and hail with low visibility.  Killed in the accident was  49 year old Christopher Michael Kayl of Worthing, South Dakota. Kayl was thrown from the boat he was in after it was T-boned by another watercraft on Indian Springs Lake Southeast of Clark, South Dakota.  There were three men onboard each boat.  Two sustained non-life threatening injuries and were transferred to Prairie Lakes Hospital in Watertown.   No other details have been released yet by the South Dakota Game Fish and Parks Department.  The Clark County Sheriff’s office was also called to another incident last Wednesday when a man, identified as Todd Thesenvitz of Jasper, Minnesota, was injured when a bottom bouncer he was using let loose from a fish, soared into the boat, and pierced the man’s heart.  In a Facebook post Saturday his wife Marie Thesenvitz said she hadn’t said much about the incident earlier because she wasn’t able to process the freak accident.  In her post she said the incident happened about 11:15 a.m. when she, her daughter and husband were fishing with spinners connected to bottom bouncers.  They were nearing their limit of fish when her husband Todd grabbed onto a monster northern.  As he was bringing the fish to the surface the northern broke the hook.  She says the incident all happened fast.  As she was about to net the fish the bottom bouncer gave way.   His daughter Keanna, who Sheriff McGraw said was an RN, convinced her father not to pull it out and to remain calm on the floor of the boat for the 13 minute trip back to shore. She managed to get her father back where they were met by the ambulance. Thesenvitz was transferred to a Sioux Falls hospital where the thin wire was removed from his chest.  Marie described the surgery as complicated, but successful.  In concluding her post Marie Thesenvitz commented saying,  “The surgeon was very blunt and said there was no reason Todd was still alive. A lesser man would be dead. If anything had gone any different from the second it happened until he was on the operating room table they would not have been able to save him. She added,Today, I thank you all for your prayers and your positive energies! My husband is alive and healing. We are possibly looking at going home in a day or two!! If any of my friends know a Clark county volunteer or officer etc... or anyone who was present on the 7th of July please tag them in this so we can thank them properly!