Several crashes, stuck vehicles, and a jack-knifed semi-tractor trailer that shut down Interstate 29 for almost an hour kept first responders and towing companies extremely busy yesterday.

Hamlin County Sheriff's Office reported that, around 6:39 pm, a vehicle traveling on SD Highway 22 came across a vehicle blocking the highway while on a bridge. The vehicle then attempted to avoid hitting the stalled vehicle, lost control, and collided with the bridge's concrete wall. The vehicle was disabled in the middle of the bridge.

The highway was reduced to one lane for about an hour until the vehicle could be cleared.

At 4:31 pm, on SD Highway 28, about a mile east of Lake Norden, a vehicle was stuck on the bridge. It was near zero visibility at times.

The road was reduced to one-lane travel and, at times, shut down until the vehicle could be removed.

Additional photos show the road conditions early afternoon on Interstate 29, a rollover, and the jack-knifed semi. No injuries were reported.