House Bill 1083 Vote

House Bill 1083 passed the House of Representatives Tuesday Afternoon. 

The bill that would change the name from “Technical Institutes” to “Technical Colleges” passed the South Dakota House of Representatives Tuesday afternoon.  House Bill 1083, sponsored by District 5 Representative Hugh Bartels passed on a 41 to 25 vote.   Four members of the House were excused and did not vote. 

The bill was brought on behalf of the board of technical education with a goal of shifting public perception of the value of technical schools in South Dakota.  Rep. Bartels says the overall mission of technical schools would not change, only their name. 

The idea of changing the name didn’t go without debate.  Saying that Technical Schools and Colleges are not the same thing, District 33 (Meade/ Pennington) Representative Taffy Howard said she was opposed to the name change…..

District 22 (Beadle/Kingsbury) Representative Roger Chase spoke in favor of passing the bill……

District 2 (Clark/ Brown/Hamlin/Spink) Representative Lana Greenfield said she was concerned that the board of regents would ultimately absorb technical schools and do away with the technical school board and because of that she would not support the bill……

Representative Tim Reed of Brookings disagreed…..

In the end, the House of Representative voted in favor of the bill on a 41 to 25 vote.