california pacific airlines

At a meeting of the Watertown Airport Board on Monday manager Todd Syhre came with a flight update. He says, to date this year, California Pacific Airlines has operated 566 inbound and 561 outbound flights, but that as of late have had some bad luck with flights being canceled. He explained.

Weather related issues forced some cancellations and delays of flights in recent weeks.

Year to date passenger numbers are looking excellent with 11,301 passengers boarding at the Watertown Airport inbound and 11,328 outbound through the end of November. Syhre says that’s a record for Watertown. He expects the numbers to be up over 20 percent from last year, which also was a record year for in and outbound flights.

He says the numbers have been so good that California Pacific Airlines is looking at using larger aircraft.

He says the load factor is so high that more seats or more flights will be needed in the future.

Regarding the new air terminal at Watertown, Syhre said the FAA isn't expected to release anything soon regarding the announcement of the 1 billion dollar supplement dollars that will become available for new terminal construction.  Watertown has applied for 14 million dollars and, although there's 800 million of the one billion left, at the last go round there were 10 billion dollars in requests from around the country. He said the chances are slim but there’s still a possibility it could happen in this year's cycle. If not, Watertown is at the top of the list to receive the dollars eventually.  It will be after the first of the year before final word comes from the FAA.