Jacob Dahl was killed while using his Cellphone on his way home from Aberdeen on October 23, 2014.  Jeff Dahl, Jacob's father is now hoping that South Dakota state law will change relating to the use of electronic devices while driving. 

South Dakota House Bill 1169, a bill introduced by Representative Doug Barthel, would enacted a law to prevent the use of mobile electronic devices while driving. A version of the law narrowly failed in the Senate last year on a 17-17 tie vote.  The bill would allow users to make and answer phone calls, but restrict other activities such as utilizing social networking sites while driving.  Jeff Dahl of Castlewood testified to a House Committee last week.  Jeff’s son, Jacob was enrolled at Northern State University in Aberdeen where he was studying to become a special education teacher and a coach, he was also an Army Reservist. 

On October 23rd, 2014, Jacob left Northern State University and began driving home to Castlewood….

The two men in the semi truck were not injured. Jacob was killed. 

Jeff says he received a phone call and right away knew that something bad had happened.... 

Jeff said it was the worst day of his life when he found out that Jacob had been killed.  

Now, he is on a mission to get South Dakota law changed.  He reached out to Representative Doug Barthel, a former Sioux Falls Police Chief and the person who drafted last year’s bill about trying to do it again this session…...

On February 13th, Jeff testified in front of the House Transportation Committee in support of House Bill 1169.

Jeff is urging lawmakers to pass the bill and is encouraging parents to speak to their kids….

HB1196 will possibly be debated on the floor of the House Wednesday afternoon.