Watertown Assistant Police Chief Tim Toomey

Discussion regarding the use of “Smoke Shacks” in the city of Watertown has once again become a topic of discussion between city officials. The issue has been a thorn in the side of law enforcement officers who have looked for clear guidance on how to enforce the state statute which at times has been articulated differently.

Watertown City Attorney Matt Roby explained why the issue has been revived again in the city…..

Watertown  Assistant Chief of Police Tim Toomey said Codington County State’s Attorney Becky Reeves has a clear definition of what the state law says as it pertains to an enclosed structure.….

Toomey said this issue is nothing new for the Police Department……

The fine for violating the statute is $25. Toomey said there have been several times where the same business has been cited for violating the smoking ordinance. Councilman Bruce Buhler said he has heard comments from some that say the risk of paying the $25 fine is worth it…….

In the end, the council took the issue under advisement and will be addressing it more in the future. In the meantime, the Police Department will continue enforcing the statute as it is currently written.