don roby

Watertown, SD --  At Monday night’s Watertown City Council meeting a resolution was approved strongly encouraging the public to wear masks to prevent the spread of the corona virus. Councilman Don Roby said the move is part of a strategy to keep the Covid numbers down. He says the community’s healthcare providers have been asking for this and that the resolution approved Monday supports their request. To that end an information campaign has been launched this week to encourage the public to wear masks.

Roby says the community and state is currently going through a Covid spike and that he and other city leaders are appealing to the public to support the healthcare community’s request to wear masks.

Roby says the healthcare community is under a lot of stress right now with the numbers rising.

Roby says there are only so many healthcare workers available in the community and that, for at least a short period of time, we need to achieve some results now and that wearing a mask will help in some way relieve some of the pressure currently being experienced by healthcare workers.

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