Codington County

The Codington County Commissioners heard a report from highway superintendent Rick Hartley today that was highly critical of NextEra Energy Resources for what he said was a lack of action in repairing county roads in the areas where they’re constructing new wind towers in Codington County. 

Those criticisms follow similar concerns raised by the South Dakota Public Utilities Commission who stated last monthly they want NextEra to fix the roads damaged by large equipment and towers that are being erected as part of the Crowned Ridge Project in both Codington and Grant Counties. Hartley minced no words in his concerns regarding considerable road damage that has occurred in that area of the county.  He was quoted earlier as saying some roads were unsafe until they were repaired recently and that a large stretch of roads in that area was in need of major repair: 

Codington County Facilities Director Steve Mollengraf  said it was a banner year at Memorial Park Campground.  He shared the numbers from last and this year saying the park was fully booked most of the summer:

At the conclusion of this week’s meeting Commissioner Troy VanDusen reached out to the Watertown Medical community with a word of thanks for what they’re doing during the Covid crisis: 

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