City of Watertown

The Watertown City Council met Tuesday night and one of the main items of discussion concerned 10th Avenue North and the city’s plan to reconstruct it. Marci Lewno of the City's Engineering Department, said the city has recently concluded about 3 weeks of landowner meetings with residents who live along 10th Avenue North between 3rd Street West and North Highway 81.  Lewno said there were many items they spoke to the landowners about during the visits….

The original project plans called for the street to be 45 feet wide.  It would have included parking on the south side of 10th Avenue, two traffic lanes and a center turn lane.  It also called for over 60 trees along the route to be removed.  

Lewno said landowners expressed their concerns with several parts of the project. The first being the addition of parking on the south side of 10th Avenue….

The second biggest concern among property owners was the proposed street width of 10th Avenue…

Lewno says this move is going to save more trees along the route…

Kids crossing tenth avenue to get to Highland Park or Mellette Elementary School are, of course, a major concern for both residents and city officials. Lewno said they are proposing adding a flashing beacon at 2nd Street and 10th Avenue…

In summation, the project would include these changes….

Councilman Bruce Buhler commended the engineering staff for their work on the project….

Councilman Reid Holien asked about the width of the roadway, saying studies he had read, show that a wider roadway would mean traffic would potentially drive faster. City Engineer Heath VonEye said the street is wider but the lanes are going to be narrower and that is going to have a calming effect on traffic.….

Councilman Holien requested more information…..

Councilman Don Roby echoed the thoughts of Holien…

In conclusion, the council concluded that they needed more information before taking further action on the project.  The item will be discussed at a future council meeting.

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