Watertown City Council

The Watertown City Council met Monday night and one of the major items of discussion was the new City Hall building project. Additional costs to the project has some council members wondering where the money is going to come from. 

The council voted on November 16th to purchase the Wells Fargo Bank building at a cost of $1.3 million. Monday night, they were asked to approve an addendum with TSP architects that would result in another $2.3 million for design, bidding and renovations to the building. 

Councilman Dan Albertson asked where the money is going to come from.…….

City Finance Officer Kristen Bobzien responded to Albertson, saying the funds to cover the purchase and renovation of the new city hall will come from the city’s Capital Projects Fund.  

Following Bobzien's comments, the mayor defended the City Hall purchase saying it was time to move forward with the project……

Those comments generated some additional comments from Albertson……..

The figures left a few city council members questioning whether or not the funds should be used to purchase and renovate the new city hall or if they should be used for a new ice arena, something city officials have said they cannot afford to build at this time. Councilman Ried Holien also urged the council to proceed with caution on the project.…..

Holien says the council may need to build one or the other…...

Ultimately, after more discussion about using the money for an ice arena and bonding the City Hall project, a motion was made by Councilman Adam Lalim to postpone further discussion on the issue for two weeks, allowing for further discussion and further research regarding the issue.   

In other action, the council also voted unanimously to approve a one-time $1200 payroll supplement for all full-time and $800 for part-time retirement eligible city employees as part of the CARES act.  

City Attorney Matt Roby explained the resolution…..

The council also took action to approve the classification of salaries for 2021 for all exempt and non-exempt city employees.

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