The Codington County Commissioners met for the first time in 2021 and reorganized for the coming year with Commissioner Brenda Hanten retaining her position as Chairman and Lee Gabel elected Vice-Chair.  Commissioners Troy VanDusen and Charlie Waterman also took the oath to begin their new terms.  Also sworn in this week as Codington County’s newly elected coroner was Terry Sorensen.  Sorensen will take over the position at a time when Federal and State laws will begin mandating some new regulations  Sorensen talked about some of the changes: (794)

Sorensen says the reason for change is to ensure all cases are properly handled: 

He says it will mean that he will now be a part of the death investigations alongside the other investigating agencies.  Sorensen says it’s the right thing to do to keep the county from running into any future legal issues with a death case.

The commissioners agreed and set fees payable to the coroner at 200 dollars per case along with a mileage stipend.

In other action the commissioners voted themselves a 1.75 percent pay raise that matches the similar percentage given to county workers this year.  That will raise the salaries from the current approximate 1187 dollars to 1920 dollars monthly which is a little more than a 33 dollar a month increase.

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