Damages amounting to more than 1,400 dollars to a local motel room that happened the result of a domestic assault that occurred in the room has been the topic of conversation between the Codington County Commissioners for several weeks. Codington County had been using motel room to house homeless clients.  That was prior to the damages occurring. At this week’s commission meeting commissioner Troy VanDusen said the damages occurred through no fault of the motel owners. That county rents the room for homeless persons that have no where else to go and need shelter. Commissioner VanDusen said in this case, the county has a responsibility to step up and pay the costs....

The motion was amended to pay 80 percent of the damages bringing the final total to 1,175 dollars and twenty cents. The motion passed unanimously.  Going forward the county commissioners will be placing status of maintaining a homeless client’s rental room on a future agenda.

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