The Longworth

The "Longworth" is one of five buildings in Downtown Watertown that were recently acquired by Crestone Development. 

Crestone Development, a division of Crestone Companies, has announced that they are making a major investment in downtown Watertown.  Crestone has purchased five downtown properties, book-ending on the East and West ends of Kemp Avenue. 

Crestone Owner, Eric Skott says the plans are to work to preserve the character of downtown while improving those buildings….

The first of the five buildings, known as the “Hanten” is located on the SE corner of Kemp and Broadway.  Also known as the Granite Block Building, it will undergo some changes on the outside in an effort to restore it back to its original look…… 

Skott says studies are currently being done to determine what would be the best use for the building, however some options include Condominiums, Apartments, Luxury Office space or a boutique hotel.  

Building #2 “The Mellette” as it’s currently known, is the current home of ML Portraits and several other businesses. It’s located on the NW Corner of Kemp and Broadway and will be home to Condominiums, Apartments, Luxury Office space or a boutique hotel.

 Building #3 will be known as the “Longworth” after long-time resident Dr. David Longworth whose orthodontics office was housed there for many years.  The building currently houses a hair studio on the main level.  The 2nd level will house 1-bedroom apartments.

Building #4 – 218 East Kemp is located directly across the street to the south of the planned downtown park.  It will house 2000 square feet of commercial space on the main floor and four one-bedroom apartments on the 2nd level.

Building #5 – 15 1st Street SW, formerly Zimmels Furniture is on the West end of Kemp Avenue and is planned to be the future home of the “The Marketplace.”  The Marketplace will be the future home to 9,000 square feet of retail space and 62 modern-luxury apartments. The project will involve razing the current structure in April or May with construction on the new building to begin this summer.