District 4 Candidates

South Dakota District 4 House Incumbent Candidates Fred Deutsch and John Mills along with Senate Incumbent candidate John Wiik and challenger Daryl Root met Thursday night in a virtual candidate forum hosted by the Brookings Area Chamber of Commerce.  House Candidate Rebecca Holtquist did not participate. 

The forum was moderated by Don Norton of the South Dakota State University.  The forum lasted one hour and consisted of several questions, one of which was, is South Dakota doing enough to save small businesses?

John Wiik, who sits on the state’s appropriations committee, explained the allocation of $400 million in small business relief that has been made available to South Dakota businesses, is a start towards helping the state begin to recover…..

Daryl Root said one way to save businesses in South Dakota, is to keep government out of it…..

John Mills says he was pleased the Governor called the special session. He said he has been talking to business owners about the availability of the grants offered by the state….

Fred Deutsch says its more important now than ever to support local business…

Another question posed to the candidates, concerned abortion and whether they would vote to maintain, strengthen, or lessen the abortion laws in South Dakota if they came back to the state level.  The candidates all had similar beliefs on the issue….

John Wiik answered first……

Daryl Root said he too is pro-life with a couple of exceptions…

 Fred Deutsch, who has served as the president of the South Dakota Right to Life Board for the last six years, said he is proud of his stance on the issue…..

Deutsch said there are more families looking to adopt, than babies that are available.

John Mills says he also stands firmly with the others on the belief that all life is sacred…

Three out of the four candidates said they would not support either recreational or medicinal marijuana in South Dakota.  Doug Root was the only candidate that said he would support both….

Constitutional Amendment A would legalize recreational use of marijuana and Initiated measure 26 would legalize medical marijuana.  Both issues will appear on the South Dakota ballot where the voters will decide their fate on November 3rd.

At the end of the forum, each candidate was asked why the voters should vote for them.

First, Fred Deutsch…..

John Mills…….

John Wiik was asked why the voters of District 4 should vote for him….

And finally, Doug Root…..

The general election will take place on November 3rd.  Polling places will be open from 7am to 7pm CST. 

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