Hugh Bartels

District 5 Representative Hugh Bartels says he feels the Governors 'State of the State' Address on Tuesday in Pierre was well received by members of both the House and the Senate.  During the address Noem said South Dakota remains in a very good financial position despite the hardships faced by many other states. South Dakota never "shut down" during the pandemic and Bartels says the state is now seeing the positive financial impact from that decision…..

Bartles, who has been a big supporter of technical education in the state, says the announcement of the Premier Scholarship is a great step forward for South Dakota Technical Education……

On aside, an FBI report earlier this week issued a warning to law enforcement agencies that state capitols could be a target for protesters leading up to inauguration day on January 20th.  Bartels says he isn't concerned about the security at the capitol. 

Tuesday was the first day of the 96th Legislative Session in Pierre. 

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