Dr. Fred Deutsch

South Dakota Representative Fred Deutsch is hoping that voters will re-elect him to the South Dakota House of Representatives for another term on Tuesday, November 3rd.   

Deutsch is being challenged by Democratic newcomer, Becky Holtquist and Republican Incumbent Representative John Mills. There are two seats up for grabs in the three-way house race.   

In this three-part series, KXLG is introducing you to each of the candidates. 

Dr. Fred Deutsch retired from his highly successful chiropractic practice earlier this year.  In the past, he has been very active in giving back to the community by serving for nine years as a school board member, a past board member of the Watertown Boys and Girls Club Board and serving as the president on the South Dakota Right to Life Board.  Deutsch says his passion of giving back is what led him into politics, something he says, he enjoys a great deal... 

Deutsch describes himself as a common sense legislator who is fiscally conservative.  The legislature is going to be facing some tough obstacles this year, Deutsch says, as they prepare to address the large amount of pandemic related issues.   

Deutsch says besides COVID-19 issues there are other issues that the legislature is going to need to address this coming session.....   

Other contested races voters will be deciding on include:

United States Senate –  

  • Mike Rounds, Republican 

  • Dan Ahlers, Democrat 

United States House –  

  • Dusty Johnson – Republican 

  • Randy “Uriah” Luallin, Libertarian 

Public Utilities Commissioner –  

  • Gary Hanson, Republican,  

  • Devin Saxon, Liberatarian, 

  • Remi Bald Eagle, Democrat 

District 4 Senate -  

  • John Wiik, Republican -Watertown  

  • Daryl Root, Libertarian- Clear Lake 

District 5 Senate –  

  • Lee Schoenbeck, Republican-Watertown 

  • Adam Jewell, Libertarian-Watertown 

Codington County Commission (District 2)

  • Charlie Waterman, Republican-Watertown 

  • Travis Paulson, D-Wallace 

Day County Commission - 

  • Jim Walter, Republican-Webster 

  • Frank James, Democrat-Webster 

Deuel County States Attorney –  

  • Jared Gass, Republican-Toronto 

  • John Knight, Democrat-Clear Lake 

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