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Watertown, SD -- An article in the Atlantic Business magazine recently stated that, for the last 15 years, the decline of print newspapers has been the sort of story that, ironically, many newspapers have trouble following. The article continued saying, It isn't breaking news, nor a violent explosion, but rather a decade-long structural shift without heroes or obvious villains and that, between 2000 and 2015 alone, print newspaper advertising revenues fell from about $60 billion to $20 billion yearly, wiping out the gains made in the previous 50 years. The article goes on to say that the collapse of newspapers across the nation is looking less like a steady erosion than an accelerating avalanche and that it should scare both reporters and readers everywhere. KXLG sat down with Roger Whittle who just recently stepped away from his position as Editor of the Watertown Public Opinion. Roger grew up in Watertown and returned home several years ago to become the local editor. Over the years he has worked as a reporter and editor at many large newspapers across the country.  Today he gives his perspective in an interview with KXLG News Director David J. Law.  You can hear it be clicking on the audio tab below.