Watertown, SD --  With the knowledge that the Goss Opera House plans to present a variety of musical offerings to the community, the local Friends of Acoustic & Blues group has decided to gift its funds to support the Goss effort.

With assistance from the Watertown Area Community Foundation, Friends of Acoustic & Blues brought in several concerts to Watertown over the years. Some of the more memorable artists include “Bluer Than Blue” singer songwriter Michael Johnson, “Billy the Kid” country star Billy Dean, and, of course, members of the Red Willow Band. The group thought the timing was right to let the Goss take over those reins.

“Making a donation to the Goss made perfect sense,” said Nancy Linneman, who was a founding Acoustic & Blues member. “Since Friends of Acoustic & Blues began in 2005, our mission has been to simply bring more music to Watertown,” she explained. “We’ve accomplished what we set out to do and know the Goss is committed to the same thing.”

“The funds will be earmarked for bringing in music fitting their mission,” confirmed Missy Sinner, executive director of the Goss Opera House. According to Tom Beadnell, also a charter member of the group, that music niche highlighted acoustic music and singer/songwriters. “Our members were drawn to the intimate solo artist type shows that come across very personal to the audience that you only get in venues like the Goss,” Beadnell said.

It was a unanimous decision Beadnell said of the group which also included Ken Johnson, Shawn Lenning, Tim Oviatt and the late Kevon Graslie. The end result, a check for nearly $7,000 and peace of mind that we don’t have to continually work to raise more money to bring in each concert, Linneman said. “We’re looking forward to the first show at the Goss on April 24 and many more,” she said.

It goes without saying that Acoustic and Blues is especially welcome. Sinner exclaimed, “We are so thankful for their support and we can't wait to have them & all members of the community in to enjoy entertainment in the Opera House once again!”