Harvest season is here, farmers are beyond busy, and some hardly take the time to eat, but not at Modak Dairy.  They serve home-cooked meals to all their employees and those who come to help with silage chopping.

Greg Moes, the owner of Modak Dairy, said this tradition started about ten years ago.  They decided one day to grill hot dogs for a change instead of serving up the traditional cold meat sandwich for everyone.  This quickly expanded, and now they serve everything from chicken, burgers, brats, and even pizza!  Silage chopping typically lasts 6-7 days, and all the workers and helpers get a hot meal each day.  Some workers are too busy to leave the fields, so they get a hot meal delivered.

Greg also told KXLG News that a Lake Area Technical College class came to help cover the silage pile, which was not an easy task as the pile measured 400 ft by 300 ft by 30 ft tall this year!  Everyone that helps with this receives a t-shirt that says “I helped cover the pile” or “I helped make the pile,” depending on their role.  

The generosity from the Moes family doesn’t end once the pile is covered.  During harvest and spring planting, the Moes family makes it a point to deliver a hot meal at least once a month to everyone helping.  At Christmas, they give boxes full of items, including the famous Modak Cheese, to all their neighbors and workers.  

Another essential thing to Greg is ensuring his workers have a great place to live.  They are remodeling a couple of houses that will be completed soon.  Greg told KXLG that he wants his workers to have the same standard of living that he does. 

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