Parents have a lot on their plates as the coronavirus crisis unfolds, including job concerns and keeping their families healthy. State officials are also acknowledging the added stress of making sure children understand what's happening. Alarming information about the spread of the virus that causes COVID-19 is everywhere. Pamela Sagness, Behavioral Health Division director at the ND State Department of Human Services, says when looking through the eyes of child, it's hard for them to not notice daily life being upended. 

Sagness says through the "Parents Lead" program online, simple tips are being offered to help kids cope with the situation. Those include establishing a normal daily routine, having ongoing conversations with them, and recognizing signs of stress.

Sagness says it isn't only young children who need thoughtful attention during this health crisis. She says high-school and college students, who might see milestone celebrations canceled, should get a sympathetic ear from their parents as well. 

The tips on engaging with children about COVID-19 can be found on the website 'ParentsLead.org.' Officials say information will continue to be added in the coming days and weeks