Representative Nancy York testifies Introduced BIll 1099 to the House Taxation Committee today in Pierre.  Codington County Commissioner Lee Gabel looks on. 

House Bill 1099, a bill that is spearheaded right here in Codington County, passed the House Taxation Committee this morning in Pierre after an amendment was made to add the phrase "voter approved half-cent" to the description of the bill. The bill was introduced by District 5 Representative Nancy York.

As amended, the bill would allow counties in South Dakota to ask voters for permission to put on the ballot, a 1/2 cent penny sales tax for the purposes of renovating or replacing aging county infrastructure.  

Lengthy discussion was held both in favor and against the bill.  Codington County Commissioner Lee Gabel who has been an avid proponent of the bill testified that this bill is one that doesn't directly impose a tax, it simply asks the voter for permission to put the item on an upcoming ballot. Codington County is leading the way on this statewide initiative after two failed attempts to pass a tax for fund a new jail.  
Counties across the state have joined the effort in an attempt to find a way to generate more dollars to pay for aging infrastructure. County Sheriff's from Lake, Walworth, Minnehaha, Lincoln, and Sully county were all in attendance to show their support of the bill today. Codington County Commissioners Hanten and VanDusen were also in attendance supporting the bill.  
The South Dakota Sheriff's Association, along with the South Dakota Association of County Commissioners spoke in favor of the bill. The South Dakota Chamber of Commerce spoke in opposition of the bill.  Ultimately the bill passed through the committee on an 8 to 5 vote and now will be scheduled for the house floor where it will undergo further discussion.