Best-Gen Modular

A new Holiday Inn Express hotel is being built just to the west of Hobby Lobby in Watertown and the project is generating some interest from those watching the unique way it’s being built.

The hotel is being constructed using modular units that are 12 feet wide and 65 feet long and are built locally in Watertown.  Best Gen Modular, Inc. is a commercial modular manufacturing company that acquired the Superior Building Systems plant in Watertown and the Superior Homes Manufacturing plant in Madison in 2019.  

Branden Bestgen of Rapid City is the CEO of the company.  He says he began looking a developing a modular company during the time the Bakken Oil fields were just getting started in North Dakota…

The Watertown plant consists of about 70 employees working inside the 128,000 square foot facility. Bestgen says they are currently producing about 1 ¼ boxes per day on their assembly line....

Bestgen says when finished, each of the “boxes” is two hotel rooms and a portion of hallway, completely finished…..

Bestgen says it only takes then about a week to get a building up. After that the general contractor will come in and finish the remaining areas that need to be done…..

As opening date for the new hotel has not yet been announced.