Mayor Sarah Caron

The City of Watertown recently received a report detailing the modeling on the Big Sioux River.  The Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources met with Watertown Mayor Sarah Caron last week and presented her with a report detailing the work on the Big Sioux River. The mayor says that the report provided her with a lot of information that was already known to city officials and some that wasn’t known like the affect the Mahoney Creek Dam would have on areas and towns south of Watertown….

The Mahoney Creek Dam issue was a contentious one that divided many rural and city residents over 20 years ago.  The project was rejected by voters in 1994 and again in 1998. It was designed to stop flooding on the Big Sioux River in Watertown and at Lake Kampeska.  In July of 2001, Watertown voters went to the polls and voted to build a dam on the Big Sioux River at Mahoney Creek, however the project never happened.  Mayor Sarah Caron says that technology has changed and this issue should be addressed…..

Mayor Caron says that she had been reaching out and speaking to the residents north of Watertown….

Caron said she had met with a geologist who has agreed that the questions need to be answered and has agreed to work with the city to get those answers.  The mayor said, both sides need to be respected and their voices need to be heard…..

The mayor says that many things may have changed with the families since the initial Mahoney Creek issue took place.  She says her only intent at this time is to gauge the level of interest among the landowners to see if things have changed….

Caron says those who have questions can contact her at City Hall.  She also says that she will be contacting those who live in the Watershed to speak to them in the near future.