An item originally scheduled for approval on the consent agenda during Monday night’s council meeting was moved to the regular agenda at the request of Councilman Don Roby so discussion could be held on the issue. 

The item concerned the removal of Greg Solum from the Watertown Municipal Utilities Board of Directors and the appointment of Rich Thomas to fill the vacancy.   

Solum’s term is scheduled to expire in 2021 and Watertown City ordinance allows the mayor to reappoint the members to the board, however in this case, she has chosen not to.  Councilman Don Roby said he did not oppose the appointment of Thomas, but wanted to know why she was removing Solum from the board….

Mayor Caron responded to Roby’s question.... 

 Although the mayor did not specifically point to the incident in question, in January of this year Solum denied the Mayor’s request to show a presentation to the Utilities Board at the city’s request for Utilities to bill the stormwater utility fees.

At that time, Solum told the Mayor that her presentation was not on the agenda, the board had already seen the presentation and she could not make it again. Solum then called for board action and a unanimous vote took place denying the city's request to take over billing of the stormwater utility fees. Following the January 28th meeting, Mayor Caron told KXLG news she was surprised by the board action that day….

Solum has served for five years on the Watertown Utilities Board.  The City Council voted unanimously to approve Thomas’ appointment to the board.