Communities across South Dakota are watching closely for demonstrations to form after recent events in Sioux Falls caused thousands of dollars in damage to businesses, police vehicles and other personal property.  The demonstration was initially planned as a peaceful event, but turned violent when it arrived at the Empire Mall.   

Watertown Mayor Sarah Caron says the city is aware of a planned peaceful demonstration that is scheduled to take place on Friday….

Mayor Caron says that Law Enforcement will support the right to assemble and peacefully protest as long as the event remains peaceful….

If a demonstration was to become violent, the mayor says Law Enforcement will be ready to address the situation. The Watertown Police Department on Wednesday night, issued a press release saying they and the Sheriff’s Office had taken numerous reports of protesters in the Watertown Area. Those were determined to be unsubstantiated. Caron says that rumors have been flying around the area……

If groups do form with the intent to cause damage, the Watertown Police Department and the Sheriff’s Office say they are ready to protect life and property. Police encourage event organizers to collaborate with them to ensure communication and efforts to hold a peaceful event.