Chrystal Styles Graduation

The Styles family celebrated during a brief gradation ceremony at the interstate McDonald's Thursday afternoon.  From left to right: Caden, Ty, Dustin, Chrystal and McKenzie. (Not Pictured, Jordan)

A 32-year-old mother of four was awarded her high school diploma during a special ceremony at the Interstate McDonald’s Wednesday afternoon.  That’s all thanks to her hard work and McDonald’s Archway to Opportunity program.

The program, available ot McDonald's employees, was launched in 2015. Since that time it has increased educational opportunities to over 50,000 people and given out over $90 million in high school and college tuition assistance.  

Chrystal Styles has worked for McDonalds for almost ten years. Working full-time and raising a family, she says getting her high school diploma was a dream of hers after dropping out due to a pregnancy years ago…

Styles says she began working toward getting her GED, but switched gears and began taking the McDonalds Program. She said the last couple of weeks have been hectic as she rushed to get everything completed. However, she said, there was a little incentive from her children to help push her along.

Styles says that she is looking to continuing her education through more McDonalds on-line opportunities. 

Curt Wilhemi of McDonalds says it was Crystal that took the initiative to begin the process….

Wilhelmi says McDonalds recognizes the value of an educated employee and the company is proud to help them out along the way…..

Styles offered her appreciation to the program…..

Congratulations to Chrystal on her graduation!