Pierre - Capitol Security

South Dakota State Troopers and National Guard troops provided extra security at the State Capitol in Pierre over the weekend ahead of possible demonstrations leading up the the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden on January 20th.

Last week, the FBI issued an advisory to law enforcement agencies warning that possible armed protests could take place in State Capitol cities across the country.   

The increased security at the Capitol in Pierre is a noticeable uptick in security over the past week.  To date, no violence has been reported at state capitol.

On Sunday, roughly two dozen people turned out for a scheduled prayer march around the Capitol building.

An event permit was issued to the group Jericho March, originally anticipated 50 people would walk around the State Capitol seven times while praying for the nation.

The group of men, women, and children walked peacefully while praying aloud. A few participants stopped along the route to lay hands on the building while in prayer.