Crestone Home Builders

More exciting news for Downtown Watertown came out of the planning commission meeting last night.  The Watertown Development Company and Eric Skott of Crestone Builders requested a TIF to build a 60,000 square foot building that will be designated as mixed use for both commercial and housing. The location of the project is 15 1st Street NW, also known as the former Universal Lazer Building in Downtown Watertown. The project will include 52 – 1 and 2 bedroom apartments with 50 underground private parking spaces and 28 main level public parking spaces.  Eric Skott of Crestone Builders says he’s excited for the project….

Scott says the location is perfect for this type of project…...

The Planning Commission voted to approve the TIF boundary and adopted the project plan.  That project now moves on to the city council for further consideration.

A second TIF boundary located at 8 2nd Street NE, also known as the County Fair banquet hall, was also approved by the planning commission Thursday night. Jesse Craig of Craig Properties, the same developer that is building the LOFTS, is looking to build a 38,000 square foot mixed use commercial and housing property at that location.  This project will consist of a 36 tenant parking garage and 36 one bedroom apartments. This project will have street level parking. That Project also now goes to the Watertown City Council for further consideration.