Pierre, SD --  Across the U-S, salaries of many public-school teachers continue to stagnate, with some looking to a second job to help make ends meet. Nonetheless, every year teachers are paying for school supplies that are not reimbursed. Before the year is over, the average South Dakota teacher will spend 350 dollars of his or her own money on classroom materials. Mary McCorkle with the South Dakota Education Association says a new survey shows an overwhelming majority of K-through-12 teachers spend their own money to ensure students have what they need for a successful school year.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the average out-of-pocket spending on school supplies by teachers is 460 dollars per year. California teachers spend almost twice as much on school supplies as do teachers in South Dakota - averaging 664 dollars for which they are not reimbursed.

McCorkle notes that many teachers shop back-to-school sales, not only for their own children, but the children they teach. She adds that parents also frequently purchase extra markers or notebooks and send them to classrooms because they want every student to have the supplies they need.

The survey shows that teachers' unreimbursed school-supply spending actually has increased overall since the economic recovery following the Great Recession. State-by-state spending varies due to students' needs, how schools are funded in the state and the state's cost of living.