Energy Grid Operators are continuing to order utility companies to implement unplanned power outages to keep the electrical grid stable during the frigid cold temperatures. A few customers around our region have been experiencing outages for up to an hour and a half throughout the day without any notice. 

Rolling blackouts have occurred from North Dakota to Texas as portions of the grid become overwhelmed. On Tuesday morning the four substations belonging to Codington Clark Electric were taken off line for about an hour and a half leaving over 1,000 customers without power. Dave Eide, General Manager of Codington Clark Electric told KXLG News that they been working hard to reduce power usage on their network…..

Eide says it’s the hope that with warmer temperatures foretasted for later this week the electrical grid will see some relief, but for now he is encouraging their rural customers to have generators ready to go in case another unannounced outage occurs……

The Southwest Power Pool (SPP) is calling on Western Area Power Administration to drop the power load because of constraints in the system. WAPA is then requesting that entities who are transmission operators such as Codington Clark Electric, reduce their load.

Watertown Municipal Utilities General Manager, Steve Lehner tells KXLG that they have not been asked to reduce their load at this time.