Riddles Jewelry - Sioux Falls

Riddles Jewelry was founded in Webster, SD in 1959 and expanded to nine stories in the 1970’s.  Since that time, the family owned business has grown to over 65 stores in nine different states with the company headquarters in Rapid City.  On Sunday night, Riddles Jewelry on 41st Street in Sioux Falls was one of the businesses that was broken into and looted during the riot.

Scott Riddle says they knew that tensions were high in Sioux Falls on Sunday night…..

Riddle said most of the damage consisted of broken glass...

Riddle said that most of the merchandise inside the store had been locked away in a vault, which is their normal practice….

Riddle says the initial damage estimate is around $45,000. However, he anticipates it to be higher.  Riddle said the damage and looting only hurts business more, especially while recovering from an economic slowdown because of COVID. Riddle, because of the virus, some of the stores have not yet reopened…..

Riddle says he's not happy about his store being damaged, but he is glad it was an night when nobody was there to get hurt......

The person who looted his business left behind a nice video of themselves and a blood sample on one of the glass cases they smashed.   Police are optimistic they will be able to find those responsible. Riddle said he is very appreciative of the work that law enforcement did on Sunday night to respond and help secure the business.