Rep. Hugh Bartels

On October 5th, the South Dakota legislature passed funding authority for Governor Noem’s $400 million dollar Small Business Grant Program which was designed to provide direct grants to small businesses and nonprofits that have been negatively impacted by COVID-19.  The application process began back on October 13th and was scheduled to end on October 30, but that has now been extended.  So far, the state has received $260 million in grant requests, leaving $140 million remaining in the fund.

District 5 Representative Hugh Bartels, says there is still time to apply but you'll want to get your applications in soon…..

Bartels said the grants limit was also changed…..

The Joint Committee on Appropriations will be meeting on November 19th and Bartels says new criteria for obtaining the grants will be discussed at that time.  The federal government has put a deadline of December 30th on states to spend those funds. Bartels says the state has asked for a 90 day window to process applications, however he says he isn’t sure that is going to happen….

More information about the Small Business Grant Program can be found on the website

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