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Two South Dakota attractions have made Midwest Living magazine’s “Best of the Midwest” list.  

Wall Drug was named “Best Photo Opportunity” and Badlands National Park was named “Best National Park.”  

This year, Midwest Living magazine launched its first-ever “Best of the Midwest” awards to celebrate the places that make the Midwest region so rich.  

Jim Hagen, Secretary of the South Dakota Department of Tourism said, “It is an honor for South Dakota to be recognized by the well-known and respected Midwest Living magazine. Wall Drug and Badlands National Park are two of South Dakota’s greatest places, and beloved by tourists and locals alike.” 

The “Best of the Midwest” will be featured in the magazine’s March/April edition, as well as a special “Best of the Midwest Travel” edition set to go on sale April 30, 2021. Midwest Living magazine is a women's lifestyle, cooking and home magazine which features recipes, DIY projects, and Midwest travel inspiration.  

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