U.S. Capitol

In an attempt to block the certification of Electoral College votes by congress, Donald Trump supporters stormed the United States Capitol yesterday afternoon.  South Dakota Senator John Thune held a press conference shortly after being taking to an off-site location by his security detail….   

Thune says the president’s comments encouraged a march on the capitol….

Both Congressman Dusty Johnson and Senator Mike Rounds issued statements.  Senator Rounds statement read, “As a nation, we should stand together in opposition to the violent acts and lawlessness that occurred at the Capitol. Violence and Destruction are never the answer, we are better than this.”   Congressman Johnson posted on facebook, “Too many have sown the seeds of anger and division. This is a tragic harvest. This needs to stop.”

One woman was shot and killed inside the capitol during the uprising. 

Four hours after the uprising, officials declared that the Capitol had been secured.

The U.S. Congress went back into session and certified Joe Biden’s win in the November Presidential election, completing its constitutional duty early Thursday morning. As soon as Congress certified Biden’s win, Trump pledged an orderly transition of power on January 20th saying, “even though I totally disagree with the outcome of the election, and the facts bear me out, nevertheless there will be an orderly transition of January 20th.”

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