Brock Greenfield

South Dakota State Senator Brock Greenfield (R-Clark) of Clark has announced that he will be seeking the nomination for the office of Commissioner of School and Public Lands in the 2022 election cycle.  

Greenfield graduated from Doland High School and earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Northern State University with majors in business management and marketing and a minor in Economics. 

Greenfield has served in both the South Dakota Senate and House of Representatives and has held numerous leadership positions in the South Dakota Legislature including President Pro-Tempore of the Senate for four years. He has also served on appropriations, state affairs, taxation, commerce and energy, education, retirement laws, the executive board, and state and tribal relations, as well as several interim summer studies.  

Greenfield says he has extensive conservative budgeting experience as an 11-year appropriator while serving as the chair of several legislative committees. 

Greenfield says the Office of School and Public Lands has been well served by current Commissioner Ryan Brunner and Deputy Commissioner Mike Lauritsen. Greenfield says he wants to carry on their tradition of superior, efficient, and effective management of school and endowment lands and dams under the purview of the office.   

Greenfield said, “I have reached out to a number of people who have served as convention delegates in the past, and they have provided me with strong encouragement to run this very important job. I look forward to visiting with more delegates from all across the state to listen to their input and concerns in the hopes of garnering their feedback. And ultimately gaining their trust and support.”