Governor Kristi Noem revealed that three new cases of COVID-19 were discovered Thursday afternoon after testing resumed on the “high priority” cases at the State Health Lab in Pierre.  Those cases are from Beadle County.  Noem said 94 tests were completed Thursday and three came back positive.  

The total of positive COVID-19 cases in South Dakota is now fourteen……

South Dakota Secretary of Health Kim Malsom-Rysden…….

The increased number of cases did not come as a surprise.  The numbers were anticipated to rise as testing once again became available.  Noem said the situation is “scary” but reminded everyone to not forget to talk about the good things that are going on in South Dakota…..

Noem said some one of those stories is a 17 year old student who gave his hours at his work place to another co-worker who was struggling and needed to pay bills. Another example are the numerous school districts across the state that are continuing to serve meals to students that need them.  Noem encouraged South Dakotans who are not in the vulnerable population to step up and help others who may need the help......

The governor says the state has several days’ worth of supplies on hand and another shipment of supplies will be arriving soon. None of the fourteen cases in South Dakota are in Codington or adjacent counties.  

Once again, there are currently 14 cases of COVID-19 in South Dakota, 663 negative tests and 270 tests that are pending.