The Watertown City Council moved forward to narrow the field of applicants for the City Manager position at Monday’s council meeting.   

The city had received 29 applications for the position, which closed on March 15th.  Of those 29, the list was reduced to the top nine.  

Eariler this week, the council had received information packets on each of the nine candidates and asked to review the information. Last night the council voted to interview the top five. The candidates were chosen using a system that identified each of them by a number and not a name or any other identifiers.   

Liza Donabauer, a consultant with DDA Human Resources explained the process.......

After the votes were placed by the council, one candidate had received nine votes, two received six votes and two received five votes.  Those five will be invited back for an final interview with the council on April 29th and 30th.  Donabauer said the names of the cnadidates will be released soon...

Each of the candidates will receive a stipend of $250 and a two-night hotel stay to help cover costs associated with their travel to Watertown for the interview. Donabauer said that all the candidates except for one, live within 150 miles of Watertown. The new city manager will take over day to day operations of the city on July 1st.