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Just under two months since ownership of the fitness center changed hands, the City of Milbank has adopted a new name and logo for the facility. Formerly Unity Square - the facility will now be known as Unity Health & Fitness.

"When we contemplated a name change, we kept going back to the reason it was named Unity: to bring people together. However, we wanted to make sure people knew it was a health and fitness center as well,” Heidi Wellnitz, Parks and Recreation Board member said. “That’s why we added those to the official name.”

The City began the process of choosing a name and logo in correlation with the Parks and Recreation Board. After much consideration, it was decided to keep part of the original name but rebrand it by adding “Health & Fitness” so it is clear to someone not from the area what this facility’s primary use is.

"The term Unity is a reminder that we are truly standing on the shoulders of the Milbank Community Foundation,” added Dan Keyes, Director of Unity Health & Fitness. “Their efforts, along with many ardent supporters over the last two decades, have helped to provide health and fitness opportunities to all of us in the Milbank area."

Unity Health & Fitness has a six-lane swimming pool, weight room, cardio room, gym, two racquetball courts, walking track, personal training and fitness classes.

For more information about Unity Health & Fitness, you can visit their website at www.unitymilbank.com