A Watertown business is doing its part to help workers in China stop the spread of the corona-virus.  Paul Johnson of Midwest Medical Supply in Watertown says that he was contacted by a company whose business is headquartered in Watertown, but has a plant in China.  The request from the company was for 10,000 surgical masks, an item that can no longer be found in China because of the corona-virus.  Johnson says after some phone calls, he found out that he would be able to help…..

It’s estimated that almost 50% of the company work-force are out with the virus right now so finding a solution was critical…..

Johnson was able to get the masks to the company who then shipped the 10,000 surgical masks to its plant in China…..

Johnson said it was the first time his company has been asked to help with a worldwide health crisis and its not every day you get asked to help with one…..

According to the World Health Organization, as of Sunday night (2/16) there were 51,857 laboratory confirmed cases worldwide, of those case 51,174 were in China.  1669 deaths worldwide have been reported as a result of the virus.