City Council

The Watertown City Council held discussion last night about the need to impose a city mandated face mask policy.  The request for the mandate came after healthcare members of the Watertown COVID-19 task force met on Monday.  Six of the Seven members voted to request the City of Watertown impose the mandate in an effort to curb the spread of the virus. 

Watertown Mayor Sarah Caron…

Councilman Dan Albertson said he liked the idea of the mask mandate but wondered how effective it would be without a penalty….

Councilman Don Roby said he spoke with many people in the community and there were many different opinions on the mandate….

Roby said he feels there are three ways to address the mask wearing issue….

Roby said they idea is to gain voluntarily compliance and suggested a media campaign to accomplish that goal….

Dr. Sven Senne, a pulmonologist at Prairie Lakes Healthcare, spoke to the council in favor of the mandate saying you have to trust the science that is available on the virus…….

Despite lengthy discussion with health care officials and other city council members, some in favor, some opposed to the mandate, the mandate failed on a vote of 4 in favor and 5 opposed.  A motion was then made by councilman Roby to approve the resolution with the words “required” and “mandate” removed and also to form a group that would work together on a public information campaign.  After further discussion, the new amended resolution passed the council on a vote of 8-0.  

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