Despite all the negative news in the media these last several days there is a good story of those reaching out to help others in Minneapolis.  Rich and Beret Ohm the owners of Fallout Shelter Ministries in Watertown went to Minneapolis this weekend to meet with others from the religious community to pray and help with cleanup in some of the hardest hit areas in the twin cities. Rich says their mission is to respond to requests for assistance by saying “yes”, even if it is outside their comfort zone, like this time.  Rich said that it was Beret that approached him about going to the twin cities after seeing an on-line post. Rich said he was a little apprehensive in the beginning……

Ohm says they did see a substantial National Guard presence…..

Ohm says that the destruction was incredibly sad….

Ohm says while there he had a chance to speak to a lot of residents and many of them have the same concerns….

Ohm says its Fallout Shelter’s mission to help others when they are called to do so, and they will continue to provide assistance in any way they can.