Chip Premus

Thanksgiving is tomorrow (Thursday) and as you begin to prepare your holiday meal, Watertown Fire Rescue is reminding you to take a few extra steps to ensure your holiday is a safe one.  WFR Fire Marshal Chip Premus says there are several things to remember about using that Turkey fryer….

Premus says to make sure and only use the fryer in a safe location such as on your driveway or in your yard and not in areas like your garage or as he sees many times, on decks attached to homes. 

Oven fires are another major concern during the holidays. Premus says many of those are preventative by making sure your oven is clean and you have a catch pan to catch any grease that may overflow onto the heating elements below. Premus says in the event of a fire, it’s important to shut the oven off and leave the door closed…..

Premus says remember to never throw water on a grease fire……

Premus also reminds homeowners to not overload outlets in their homes and to never leave items cooking while unattended, that he says is one of the leading causes of house fires during the holidays.   

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