Good news Segment

A big announcement was made at the Watertown City Council on Tuesday night from two groups in support of what is being called, Watertown’s Multi-Use Ice Complex. Eric Skott, the President of the Watertown Hockey Association (WHA) read from a prepared statement that was signed by board members of the Watertown Hockey Association….

Saying the Watertown Hockey Association is committed to “doing everything possible to help the project become a reality”, Skott delivered the good news to the council….

Following the announcement from the Watertown Hockey Association, Marcy Kohl, from the Watertown Figure Skate Club (WFSC) then spoke with more good news…..

In addition to monetary donations, both organizations said they will be able to provide in-kind donations by providing “sweat-equity” from their members to help reduce costs.

The large economic impact that would be felt by a new Multi-use Ice Complex was stressed by a few in attendance including Businessman Kyle Lalim and Councilman Jason Redemske.  Councilman Ried Holien, who chairs the Ice Committee revealed that he has been contacted by a Hockey Team that would like to bring its operation to Watertown…

Holien said although that sounds good, the reality is the city doesn’t have the facilities right now and asked the council for their support in getting the project done.…..