A Watertown man won it big after winning the “Chase the Ace” fundraiser in Faulkton. The fund-raiser, which lasted for forty-weeks reached $1.87 million dollars.  

The Faulkton Area Foundation sold over 168,000 tickets which resulted in $838,000 in ticket sales for the drawing this week. Lonnie Schlotte of Watertown was the winner. Schlotte said he initially picked card #2, but then changed his mind after receiving a phone call……

Schlotte said he was in Watertown watching the drawing on Facebook when his phone started blowing up…..

Schlotte said he never saw the aces of spades drawn because of the internet delay.  The pot will now be split between Schlotte and the Faulkton Area Foundation who will invest their half, about $935,000 for grants in the community.

After taxes Schlotte says he will walk away with $678,500.  He says he is going to continue working his job at Sterling Motors and has no immediate plans for any big purchases.